Retirement Planning has never been easier for business owners. The Federal Government literally wants to give you money to help you retire.


The majority of America’s businessmen and businesswomen do not realize how liberal qualified and non-qualified plans have become.  Since 2001 congress has added over 60 provisions to the tax code that grant a business owner the power to bypass income taxes and put their profits directly into their own retirement accounts.  This trend has been further bolstered by court decisions that also favor the NEW reality in retirement planning flexibility.


Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Engineers and other professionals also qualify for these enormous tax benefits.  A lucrative - tax favored - tax subsidized retirement is available to every profitable business and professional in America.  All they have to do is understand the fine print.


This book is about the fine print, but you do not have to actually read the fine print, because we have read the fine print for you – several times – and our favorite parts will make you money!